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When software development technologies are adopted, it is often the case that, during the stages of adoption, they are misused, abused or create totally unrealistic expectations.

The boundaries between (environment, language, and tools) are not always clear. It is often difficult to have compatible tools across all environments. Language choices and availability  narrow environment selection. The choice of language or tools may be limited, for specific environments.

The latest development technologies have confused even more, because they have given developers the sense of power to build application quickly. Since it is fast and easy to get a basic software feature working, one can be fooled into thinking that completion of that task will be just as fast and easy. As a consequence, managers are tempted to abandon traditional design and software engineering process, and expect reusable software for subsequent projects.

For all this, it is important to set realistic software development competences  focusing on the underlying components (environment, language, tools) critical to building systems that match your requirements and business goals.

RJCC helps you to understand your underlying components and apply the tools and techniques that work best for your organisation. We define an integrated software development process where your developers can add features in any order and can release a working version of the product at any iteration.

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