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The brave new world of distributed business, which is driven by a desire for simplicity and the need for speed, understands that systems must be driven by the needs of the enterprise, not by technology. This requires that the business be modelled before attempting to implement its systems in software.

Many application packages deliver software to support business processes, most of which are implemented by large monolithic modules which are used with varying degrees of flexibility. A particular enterprise will typically use a fraction of the features offered by such a software product, but will still only achieve a partial fit to its needs.

Unfortunately, the processes by which it differentiates itself to gain competitive advantage are often not implemented. It is difficult to see how a company can use information technology as a competitive weapon if it implements the same software package as its competitors.

RJCC helps you to address business-modelling issues from both business and IT perspectives according to your corporate strategies. Our consulting practice goes beyond software product selection. We focus on building a framework with open standards, easy to collaborate with suppliers, partners, regional and corporate offices and customers.

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