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Companies that adopt highly adaptive architectures gain a significant competitive advantage, since IT can be easily aligned with the business and, more importantly, quickly realigned when business requirements change.

The key to managing this challenge lies in how the system architect handles the design of an enterprise architecture - reusable software components, the structure that interconnects them, and the rules by which they interact and integrate. The architecture sets the policy for all development through the establishment of rules and components.

System integration and the need to manage future integration have become the drivers in the development of new applications. This requires an architecture that focuses on the design of components, where custom development is required, but more important, on the consistency of communications and interfaces in the software architecture. 

RJCC architects translate your business needs according to your IT strategies, budget, and the availability of the technology in the marketplace. Our architects will become neutral to software packages. Existing technology and application logic are reused rather than discarded. Middleware and Internet protocols are used as a common infrastructure that can be incrementally built to provide integration across diverse computing resources. Data, metadata and application services are encapsulated as components, enabling to developers to access and reuse them without having to write new code. Data, rules, logic and user interfaces that exist today are linked through a network.

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