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Time-to-market pressures, new regulation and the pace of technology change impose requirements that are in direct conflict with the need for a robust software engineering approach. The temptation is to focus attention on technical questions such as; What software and hardware can we use to deliver the solution? What "best-of-breed" components should we mandate for its construction? Should we upgrade our infrastructure to the latest products from our suppliers? Should we go two-tier or three-tier, object-oriented or relational?

These are important questions, but on day one they are the wrong ones.

Good technology choices should ultimately be dictated by a system's business drivers, objectives and goals. These are unconcerned with the "how" of technical detail. Rather, they are expressed in terms of "whys," such as customer satisfaction and retention, return on investment, profitability or growth. You don't achieve these goals just by deploying the latest language, platform or product. Although good technology is a prerequisite, it has to be justified in terms of real business benefit and deployed in a way that you can be sure will deliver it.

RJCC helps you to choose a good technology dictated by your system's business drivers, objectives and goals. We ensure that complex and sometimes conflicting requirements are captured, understood and successfully translated into a unified architecture.

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